The police of Moldova announced that the plan of the pro-Russian forces to organize riots had been thwarted

The police of Moldova announced that the plan of the pro-Russian forces to organize riots had been thwarted

The police of Moldova announced on March 12 that it managed to disrupt the plans of pro-Russian groups of persons who had undergone special training to participate in mass riots.

According to the authorities, riots were being prepared during actions in Chisinau against the country’s new pro-Western government. According to the Moldovan service of Radio Liberty, supporters of the opposition party “Shor” gathered in the center of the capital on Sunday. The participants chanted slogans against President Maia Sandu, and also spoke out against high electricity prices. According to the organizers, the activists came to demand payment of bills for the winter months, as well as the prevention of a military conflict on the territory of Moldova.

Clashes between protesters and the police were reported about a short time after the start of the opposition rally. Police blocked demonstrators’ approach to the Government House, in the area of ​​the main square of the Great National Assembly. The protesters tried to force the cordon off.

“Interfax” agency informs that as a result of the negotiations, the police let three deputies from the “Shor” party into the government building. They handed over the resolution adopted at the protest. After that, the participants of the demonstration dispersed. MP from “Shor” Maryna Tauber noted that the opposition demands fulfillment of its demands for utility bills within 24 hours. “If we are not notified of the decision by 1:00 p.m. Monday, we reserve the right to act in accordance with our constitutional rights,” Tauber said.

According to the data of the law enforcement agencies, referred to by the RFE/RL Moldovan Service, more than 50 participants of the protest were detained, including more than 20 minors with prohibited items. Moldovan police chief Viorel Cherneutsianu claimed at a briefing that a secret agent of the country’s security forces infiltrated a group of “saboteurs”, some of whom are said to be Russian citizens. The rioters were allegedly promised $10,000 each.

The police also reported that four bomb reports were registered in Chisinau on Sunday, and the information came from the same person. The authorities qualified these actions as part of measures to destabilize public order.

Moscow’s reaction to these statements has not yet been reported.

  • Last month, President Sandu spoke about the Russian plan to destabilize Moldova, that Moscow wants to change the country’s power and bring its cronies to the leadership in Chisinau. It was noted that Moldovan structures were notified of the intentions of the Russian side by colleagues from the Ukrainian special services. According to Sandu, Russia’s goals are to stop the European integration of the country and use Moldova in the war against Ukraine.
  • In response, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the statements of Maya Sandu are completely unfounded and not confirmed by anything. The Russian agency simultaneously accused Ukraine of inciting tension and trying to drag Moldova “into a tough confrontation with Russia.”

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