The policeman who strangled Floyd is seriously injured in a US prison

Former police officer Derek Chauvin, sent to prison for 22.5 years for the murder of black George Floyd during detention, received a serious knife wound. This is reported by the ociated Press with reference to a source.

The US Bureau of Prisons confirmed that on Friday, November 24, an inmate was aulted at the federal prison in Tucson. His name is not mentioned. According to the Bureau, the prison staff localized the incident and took “life-saving measures”, after which the victim was hospitalized.

It is noted that the staff was not injured. Visits to the facility, which holds about 380 prisoners, have been suspended.

Earlier, Shovin’s lawyer insisted that the client’s ego should not be placed in a common cell, as he could become a “target”.

In addition to aults, murders, and suicides, an ociated Press investigation into American prisons revealed m cases of ized violence by staff, dozens of escapes, constant brutality, and an acute shortage of prison staff that prevents responding to emergency situations.

  • George Floyd, a black man, was detained by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May 2020. Ego was suspected of using a fake bill in the store.
  • During the arrest, the police knocked Floyd down on the asphalt, although he, according to eyewitnesses, did not resist. One of the policemen, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee on the emu’s neck, the second – Thomas Lane – held his legs. Despite Floyd’s pleas for help and complaints about the lack of air, Chauvin did not let go – Floyd died of suffocation.
  • His death sparked protests against police brutality and racial discrimination in many countries.
  • In June 2021, the court found Shavin guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced him to 22.5 years in prison. Chauvin himself did not admit guilt. Thomas Lane was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.
  • The family of George Floyd, the authorities of Minneapolis, agreed to pay 27 million dollars – this is the largest amount that has ever been paid in the state of Minnesota in connection with a civil claim for compensation for the death of a person.

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