the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 validated by a joint committee

What to remember from this 8th day of mobilization at midday

• Protests started

The processions set off in several cities in France this morning to protest against the pension reform project. They were 7,000 in Marseille according to the police (160,000 according to the unions). In Le Havre, 5,600 people (30,000 according to the unions) made the trip for this eighth day of mobilization.

• Start of CMP

Discussions began this morning within the Joint Joint Commission (CMP). Fourteen deputies and senators are meeting today to try to agree on the pension bill.

Despite the watchword of the President of the National embly, wishing that the exchanges take place behind closed doors, the LFI deputies have been transcribing since this morning on Twitter the remarks made within the Commission.

• The garbage collectors’ strike crystallizes political tensions

The garbage collectors and cleaning agents of the City of Paris announced yesterday the continuation of their strike movement until at least Monday, while nearly 7,000 tons of waste are piling up on the sidewalks of Paris.

This morning, waste collection was still disrupted, even in the districts managed by private service providers, the three incineration plants being shut down.

The subject took a political turn, after Gérald Darmanin instructed the Paris police chief to ask the town hall to “to requisition” means to evacuate the thousands of tons of garbage littering the Parisian sidewalks, justifying its request in particular by “sanitary conditions” caused by the cessation of waste collection.

In response to the Minister of the Interior, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said that she did not have the power to requisition the garbage collectors on strike against the pension reform and added that she did not intend to ask the State to act. in this sense. Mme Hidalgo, who supports the social movement, ” advised [à M. Darmanin] to favor dialogue rather than to go by force”, said a source in the entourage of the elected socialist to Agence France-Presse.

• In the transports

Traffic is almost normal in the Parisian metros but very disturbed in the RER announced the RATP.

At the SNCF, the service remains degraded and the traffic will be similar to that of Monday and Tuesday.

On the air side, 20% of flights at Paris-Orly are canceled at the request of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) due to a strike by air traffic controllers.

• The energy sector still mobilized

Cuts in production were still on the agenda yesterday in the electricity sector, which is still highly mobilized given the crucial issue for electricians and gas operators, who, in addition to the decline in the legal age, fear the abolition of their special pension scheme. In Storengy, a subsidiary of Engie, the CGT-Energie launched a “ultimatum” so that it implements by this evening a significant and rare drop in pressure in the gas networks, otherwise the strikers will take care of it, which could deprive power plants and certain industrial customers of gas.

• In refineries

Most French refineries were still on strike yesterday, but the strikers were reluctant to shut down the sites completely when stocks are almost full. For several days, the oil unions have been proposing to the refinery strikers to harden the movement against the pension reform by stopping production, but the latter are reluctant to begin these technically delicate and long operations.

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