The president of the Eure department takes inspiration from Emmanuel Macron to ban inclusive writing

Obviously, the recent position taken by President Emmanuel Macron regarding inclusive writing rejoiced the president of the Eure department, Alexandre Raërt, who sees it as a “stop” for this new syntax. The former mayor of Gisors (Eure), labeled on the right, decided to follow in the footsteps of the head of state by announcing this Wednesday, November 1 that he was going to propose to the elected departmental officials to vote on a deliberation so that the writing inclusive is officially prohibited from any communication between the institution and its partners.

“Concretely, this deliberation will enact a simple principle: letters, requests, instruction files written in inclusive writing intended for the Eure departmental council will no longer be processed. This will simply return to sender. It is up to the sender to correct their document accordingly,” indicates the president of the departmental council in a press release, recalling in ping that his services had never practiced inclusive writing.

A radical measure that he takes, arguing that according to him, “language is also orality, and that it is impossible to read aloud in inclusive writing. But a language that is not spoken is a language that dies.” Furthermore, adds Alexandre Raërt, “this practice has become a tool of exclusion, which complicates language learning, particularly for people with disabilities such as Dys disorders (…). The urgency is to combat illiteracy by making it easier to learn French, not to make it illegible for the greatest number of people.”

“To think that inclusive writing is urgent is really incredible”

“The emergency is what is happening in the world, Middle East or in Ukraine », Retorts one of his main opponents, the socialist departmental councilor Marc-Antoine Jamet. “The emergency is inflation and the difficult ends of the month of our citizens. To think that inclusive writing is urgent is really implausible.” For the mayor of Val-de-Reuil, who is far from being a fierce defender of inclusive writing, this announcement is outrageous and brutal. “My idea of ​​public service is to respond to everyone. And to do it efficiently. Sorting the letters and sending them back will drag out the files and harm the proper functioning of our institution. I don’t see it as progress but as an arbitrary choice, with in the mind of the president of the department, always very divisive, the bad guys who use dots and dashes, and the good guys who don’t.”

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