The price of the registration document increased in three regions from January 1

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Brittany is the region where its tax horse is the most expensive, at 55 euros. HJBC –

For Île-de-France, this increase will make it possible to improve “transport” while Normandy will focus on maintaining its investments, particularly in rail.

If you need a registration document, it may be wise to apply before the end of the year. In fact, three regions will revise their prices upwards from 1er next January, starting withIle-de-France. The latter will increase its tax horse from 46.15 euros to 54.95 euros, an increase of 8.80 euros. The region is thus closer to Brittany, which is the most expensive, at 55 euros.

For the Ile-de-France community, the revenue from the increase will be used to “improving transport, including the road plan of tomorrow and the doubling of the express coach network“, announced Valérie Pécresse during the presentation of its 2024 budget, are The echoes . This budget will be studied in plenary session at the end of December.

In addition to Île-de-France, Normandy will also increase its tax rate from 35 to 46 euros, or 31% increase. This time, the region justifies this decision by maintaining its investments in transport, particularly in rail. And the initial price of 35 euros was “historically low», according to the region chaired by Hervé Morin.

Centre-Val-de-Loire is also considering increasing its amount, but only by 10%, with an increase of 5.20 euros, announced last October. The price of the registration card, at 49.80 euros, had remained unchanged since 2017. Other regions had chosen to increase their prices from 2023, by 3 euros in Pays-de-la-Loire, by 4 euros in New Aquitaine, 1.50 euros in Hauts-de-France, 4 euros in Brittany and 3 euros in Occitanie. For the regions, the regional tax on registration certificates represents their third tax revenue, behind VAT and the internal consumption tax on energy products.

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