The prosecutor announced his opinion in the bomb attack case against TÜGVA

The prosecutor announced his opinion about Besra Y., who is on trial for allegedly attacking the Turkish Youth Foundation (TÜGVA) building with a handmade bomb. The prosecutor requested that the defendant Yalçın be sentenced to up to 52 years and 6 months in prison.


The prosecutor announced his opinion in the bomb attack case against TÜGVA

The trial of Besra Yalçın, who was arrested for allegedly carrying out a bomb attack on the TÜGVA building in Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul, continued. At the 6th hearing at the Istanbul 27th High Criminal Court, the president of the court announced the report from the Forensic Medicine Institute.

The report stated that the images obtained on the day of the incident were examined, but a definitive conclusion could not be reached because the person was wearing clothes that prevented his face from being seen.

Explaining his opinion at the hearing, the prosecutor requested that Besra Yalçın be sentenced to up to 52 years and 6 months in prison. Yalçın stated that he did not accept the opinion and requested his release and acquittal.

The court board decided to continue the defendant’s detention and postponed the hearing.


At the hearing, the taxi driver who picked up the defendant on the day of the incident was heard as a witness. Taxi driver Erol Duman said, “I work as a taxi driver at Halkalı central stop. Upon the customer announcement, I dropped off a 1.55 cm tall lady with a mask over her mouth, wearing a sweet that I don’t remember, and blue jeans, to Marmara. The woman, who I guess was between 20-30 years old, sat behind the driver’s seat. He asked me for a mask and I said ‘no’. I’m not exactly sure if that person was this person. “I wouldn’t remember it if I heard your voice, I get many pengers every day,” she said.


Defendant Besra Yalçın, who stated that her aunt lived in Halkalı and went there from time to time, said, “It was understood that the person who committed the incident was a man. He also sent official statements. That day I was at my sister’s house in Gebze. There is no trace of me in the area where the incident took place. I have been in prison for two years. I have no connection with this event or any organization. “I demand my release and acquittal,” he said.


TÜGVA lawyer Seçkin Koç stated that their losses have not been remedied and their complaints continue.


In his opinion on the merits, the trial prosecutor stated that camera work was done as a result of the bombing of the TÜGVA building in Gaziosmanpaşa on April 21, 2022, that the person wearing the chador who put the timed bomb later got on the bus, threw the clothes into two garbage bins in Halkalı Çamlık Park, and then went to Marmaray Halkalı. It was stated that he went from the station to Pendik, from there he went to Tuzla and went home, and it was determined that the defendant Besra Yalçın committed the action.

During the body search conducted when Besra Yalçın was caught, an 8 GB memory card was seized, the card contained organizational instructions such as the need to get rid of clothes after the action, the defendant followed the instructions by changing the route, there were organizational documents regarding weapons and explosives, and the making of a timed pipe bomb was included. was recorded.

In the opinion that the saliva sample taken from Besra Yalçın and the DNA sample obtained from the scarf were exactly compatible, that there was a program of the TKEP/L terrorist organization on her memory card and that she was a member of this organization, it was stated that the defendant was accused of “Being a Member of an Armed Terrorist Organization, Damaging Property, Using Dangerous Substances Without Permission” A prison sentence of 21 years, 3 months to 52 years and 6 months was requested for the crimes of “Possession or Change of Hand, Use of Explosive Substances in a Way That May Cause Fear, Anxiety or Panic”.

The prosecutor also requested the defendant’s continued detention. Stating that she did not accept the opinion, the defendant Besra Yalçın asked for time to prepare her defense and requested her acquittal.


The court postponed the hearing by deciding to listen to the defendant’s ex-boyfriend’s address once it was determined and to continue the defendant’s detention. (DHA)

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