“The reasons for an eternal return to square one”

COUNTERPOINT – For more than a year now, from postponement to postponement, from meeting to meeting, from announcements of opening to reports of incomprehension, the immigration law is not moving forward.

The parliamentary debate has not yet started, but already immigration law seems destined for ured failure – except recourse to 49.3. Worse: the more the government seeks solutions, the more positions harden. The more he seeks compromises on the legal ground, the more he encounters blockages on the political ground.

Latest example: it was enough to learn, for The ParisianthatElisabeth Borne was ready to give up to the famous article 3 allowing the regularization of undocumented immigrants working in certain sectors of activity so that the left of the majority steps up to the plate. In a way, nothing new under the sun. Since the Darmanin text – which everyone has forgotten was initially Darmanin-Dussopt – has been on the table, it is this same article 3 which poses a problem. To the right of the majority, we do not want to hear about its maintenance; to the left of the majority, we do not want to hear about its withdrawal.

A new “call for fresh air”?

As for the government, it wants…

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