the reform will be unveiled on Monday

The Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt will present the reform of unemployment insurance this Monday noon. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

Details of the new unemployment insurance reform are to be presented by Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt on Monday.

Unemployment insurance reform is taking shape. After the adoption Thursday of the labor market bill by Parliament, the government unveils this Monday the details of this reform which aims to change the rules of unemployment compensation according to the state of the labor market. The Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, launched a consultation with the social partners in early October. The latter, strongly opposed to the very idea of ​​modulation, will experience “the arbitrations selected” by the executive, following a final meeting in the morning. In a context of declining purchasing power, the government has already assured that it would not affect the level of compensation. It also excludes tackling the conditions of access to unemployment insurance.

It is therefore the duration of compensation that will represent the adjustment variable. According to Sunday newspaper, the government intends to reduce it by 25%. Olivier Dussopt should announce that beyond a minimum floor of 6 months, the duration will be modulated according to the evolution of the unemployment rate for all the people who will have had the end of their contract after the 1er February 2023. When the labor market situation is considered good, it will be reduced by a coefficient, probably between 0.75 and 0.9, according to the newspaper. The objective of these new rules is to encourage the French to go to work, and to facilitate the recruitment of companies. 400,000 job offers remain vacant today. Emmanuel Macron is aiming for full employment in 2027, i.e. an unemployment rate of 5% against 7.4% currently.

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