The remarkable ‘Syria’ detail in the bill adopted in the USA

The US House of Representatives ped the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Bill, which includes the US Department of Defense’s (Pentagon) fiscal year 2024 budget and sets US defense spending policies.


The remarkable 'Syria' detail in the bill adopted in the USA

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the NDAA Bill today, following some amendments to the bill. The bill was ped with 219 deputies’ “yes” votes to 210 deputies’ “no” votes.

Only four Democrats voted “yes” to the bill, which includes amendments to cover military abortion-related expenses, restrict transgender people’s access to gender-related health care, and change social diversity and inclusion, supported by conservative Republicans. The bill also includes changes regarding the measures to be taken against China and Russia.

The amendments proposed by some Republican lawmakers to prevent aid to Ukraine and not to give cluster munitions to this country were not included in the bill because it was not accepted.

The bill includes $886 billion for the Pentagon’s fiscal year 2024 budget and US defense spending policies.


The bill also included an article regarding the continuation of support given to “investigated groups and individuals” in Syria, including the terrorist organization YPG/PKK.

The article stated that the 358 million dollar fund allocated to the efforts within the scope of the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS should be reduced to approximately 242 million dollars.

In the USA, the bill is prepared and accepted separately in both houses of Congress. It is then consolidated into the Conference Committee, which consists of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Voting on the bill is expected next week in the Democrat-dominated Senate. (AA)

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