“The Republicans are right to choose independence, otherwise they will cease to exist”

MAINTENANCE – The grandson of General de Gaulle, fourth son of Admiral Philippe de Gaulle, says he is right-wing but only once took his card from the UMP, in 2007. He believes that France has more need decision makers than communicators.

LE FIGARO . –Fifty-two years after the death of your grandfather, many French politicians call themselves Gaullists or Gaullians. Do you consider this as a mark of recognition or as a sign of confusion?

Pierre DEGAULLE. – Whether they call themselves Gaullists, that is to say partisans, or inspired by the policy of General de Gaulle, or Gaullians, that is to say followers of his thought and his style, all politicians claim his inheritance. Including those who are against but those, we do not hear them much, political caution obliges. It is obviously a mark of recognition and respect, less often a filiation. High above the current political divisions, stands the statue of the Commander, who restored France to its honor and greatness and invested it as a great power. All his life my grandfather fought to restore the sovereignty and independence of our country and to promulgate its excellence. I do understand, however, that…

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