The requisitions of student accommodation for the Olympic Games suspended by justice

This is a victory for students who rent Crous accommodation in Île-de-France. Thursday, the administrative court of Paris suspended the will of the Crous to limit to June 30, 2024 the occupation of accommodation in certain university residences during the 2024 Olympics. “The Paris court agreed with us! He recognizes the abuse of power by the CROUS, which organizes the vacancy by sending the students away to ensure that the volunteers and partners of the Olympic Games can be accommodated on July 1, 2024.“, rejoices the union Solidarity students.

Last Friday took place a 1st hearing in summary proceedings at the Paris TA to contest the decision of the CROUS to requisition and ign the accommodation of the U de Paris residences for the volunteers/partners of the Olympic Games.
The Paris court agreed with us! @UnionSolidaires

— Solidarity students (@SolidairesEtu) August 31, 2023

The National Center for University and School Works also reacts to the court decision: “This decision does not call into question the meaning of the provision of vacant accommodation for the reception of personnel mobilized for the Olympic Games, but rather the way in which it has, at this stage, been organised. The Cnous will very soon be proposing new terms of consultation and contractualization allowing the implementation of the project..” For her part, the Minister of Higher Education, Sylvie Retailleau, defends herself on Twitter by uring: “No, it was never considered to deprive a student of accommodation during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games“. Students who wish to keep their accommodation during the next summer should benefit from rehousing in a nearby residence and support for travel costs.

More than 3000 accommodations from 12 residences, out of the 154 of the Crous Île-de-France, had to see their agreement concluded until June 30, 2024 instead of August 31, 2024. The far-left union Solidaires Etudiant-es decided to take legal action last week. “The law of March 26 relating to the Olympic Games makes it possible to make available to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games the accommodation left vacant by the tenants, and not to force them to leave by imposing an agreement which ends on June 30, 2024.“, then denounced the union. A decision for the Crous de Versailles is expected at a later date.

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