The return to employment, one of the fixed points of Emmanuel Macron’s policy

Emmanuel Macron has increased reforms to ensure a general return to employment in France. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Since 2017, the President of the Republic has aimed to ensure that work pays more than non-activity.

It is one of the constants of the political choices ofEmmanuel Macron since his election in 2017. From Muriel Pénicaud’s labor law reform in the summer of 2017, to the creation of France Work 1er next January through mive support for apprenticeships, the president has stepped up measures aimed at increasing the employment rate in France. Until the recent turnaround in unemployment, in the wake of the deterioration of the economy, its efforts were crowned with success.

The reform of unemployment insurance, announced during the 2017 campaign, appears to be the keystone of this policy in favor of employment. It involves a modification of the method of calculation serving as a basis for unemployment benefit and a tightening of the eligibility conditions for compensation, including the need to have worked six months instead of four. In 2022, parliamentarians completed the system with a mechanism for modulating the duration of compensation for the unemployed in…

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