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Jonathan Zaccaï (right) embodies

a professional liar who defrauded four young women. Davis KOSKAS/SIBARO FILMS/SHINE FICTION/M6/Davis KOSKAS/SIBARO FILMS/SHINE FICTION/M6

CRITICISM – Inspired by the true story of the Tinder scammer, this fable with strong comedy accents, best screenplay at the last La Rochelle festival, has many assets to seduce. The man of our livesa series not to be missed this Thursday, November 24 at 9:10 p.m. on M6.

For Camille (Odile Vuillemin), he is Nathan, a fiery ex-trader ready to bail out the family business. For Oriane (Flore Bonaventura), he is Amaury, the brilliant surgeon and humanist whom she has just married. For Mathilde (Helena Noguerra), he is Roman, a war reporter too often gone to the other side of the world. For Iris (Élodie Frégé), finally, he is Guislain, a wonderful airline pilot. A real fairy tale… Except for this small detail that these four men are in fact only one, Guillaume (Jonathan Zaccaï), a professional liar and licensed scammer, against whom the impulsive Camille, relieved like the others of the all of his savings, decides to go on a crusade.

Fall of a Don Juan

The Man of Our Lives is therefore the story of a man of little faith and four cheated women. According to Odile Vuillemin, it is also “a sordid story that the press loves and which the series is directly inspired by, but even more so a story of women whose object of common despair gradually turns into happy sisterhood.” The actress embodies the one through whom the scandal arrives, clumsy and nervous, soon joined by the three others, each of very different physique, character and trajectory. A chosen typology. And one of the first qualities of this new miniseries.

divine punishment

Created by Marie Guilmineau (Research Section) and Alice Van den Broek (Munch) on an idea by producer Amaury Fournial, whose friend had been the victim of a manipulator a few years earlier, this fiction draws freely on the sulphurous affairs of the Derek Alldred, Jacques Masset, Christophe Rocancourt or Simon Leviev (alias “the Tinder hustler”) and gives rise to a contemporary fable built in four episodes each centered on one of its heroines. The result is a structured, dense and fine narrative. The account of the fall of a Don Juan seen no longer through the prism of morality and the threat of divine punishment but through that of an era and its victims.

Psychological drama

A feminist series in the good sense of the term, never silly, vindictive or moralistic, in which women simply dare to unite to better defend themselves. A thriller without death or sirens. A psychological drama with strong comedy accents. And a piece of bravery for Jonathan Zaccaï, whose ability to embody four characters at once can only be saluted. “A rare protean role in an acting career, all the more enjoyable to play, as at a time when everyone makes amends for everything, all the time, he shows no sign of redemption.comments the actor.

invoked love

Guillaume, like Don Juan, like the “Tinder scammer” whose press has just collected the testimony of a victim, does not repent. Not a psychopath for all that, he invokes love. It is almost endearing. Added to the unexpected mix of genres is romance. Which doesn’t hurt anything. For all these qualities, The man of our lives received the prize for best screenplay at the 2022 La Rochelle Festival. Some will say that this series is nothing exceptional, too “French who takes herself for an American“, even a little chewed up. Perhaps, but it is no less successful. It comes especially at the right time for M6. For the first time in a long time, the channel offers, with this remarkable number of actors, a successful and extremely entertaining product.

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