the Riccobono family group dreams of being a European giant

By Claudia Cohen

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Guillaume Riccobono, CEO of the eponymous Imprimeries, manages a group of 3,000 employees. It is aiming for a turnover of 500 million euros in 2015. Riccobono Printing

In search of diversification, the century-old French company acquired TSB, the main independent German rotogravure printer.

It is a family business that has been in operation for five generations. In this return to school in September 2023, Riccobono signs a new stage in the construction of a powerful industrial group historically dedicated to paper, by acquiring TSB (Tief-druck Schwann-Bagel), the main German independent rotogravure printer. “This takeover is the most important development of the Riccobono group abroad and is perfectly in line with our external growth strategy”comments Guillaume Riccobono, Chairman and CEO of the eponymous group.

Located in Mönchengladbach (not far from Düsseldorf), TSB’s main customers include magazine titles from Prisma, the Telegraph, and catalogs from distribution giants such as CrossroadsNorma or even lidl. In detail, the group comprises six companies (TSB, H+B Finishing, BaSiCo Finishing, ISI Storage, Garant Engineering & Purchasing and TSB Retail). And its current management team remains in place. Thanks to that…

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