The RN is looking for itself on the question of work

Has the RN completely refined its economic doctrine? The far-right party gives the impression of sailing by sight. Will he vote for “Act II of labor market reform” promised by the new Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal? Nothing is less sure. The RN is torn between those who want to revalorize work and those anxious not to anger popular circles, Marine Le Pen’s electoral stronghold. Its deputies voted against the conditioning of the RSA to 15 hours of compulsory activity on the grounds that his supervision was not satisfactory.

Smooth the speech

“This story is complicated,” recognizes Philippe Lottiaux, RN deputy for Var and member of the Finance Committee. “Marine Le Pen does not want the speech on welfare. There are obviously some lazy people, but it’s like flying fish, they’re not the majority of their kind,” he explains. The RN has long prospered by adapting its rhetoric to the working cles, more sensitive to questions of impoverishment and downgrading. But to hope to win, the party must broaden its base, at the risk of confusing its message.

It’s up to Jordan Bardella to adapt the speech. On the question of compensation for social istance in particular, addressing this France which gets up early and is sensitive to effort. Without however denouncing istance. On the new obligations going with the RSA, “I think that the French are more supportive of this process, but the State today does not have the same capacity to control the current counterparties”, the president of the party had tried to justify, interviewed in the program “Sunday in Politics”.

“It’s a question of balance”, adds Philippe Lottiaux, who broadens the subject to “the promotion of professions and training” – a new discourse at the RN – rather than a simple conditioning of aid seen as a punishment. The far right refuses to give the government an update, but does not want to ignore the value of work after Gabriel Attal spoke of “destructuring France” In his general policy speech .

“Patriotic synthesis”

“Retirees are very sensitive to the question of effort and work,” points out former pollster Jérôme Sainte-Marie, close advisor to Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. The young president of the RN is increasingly popular among seniors, historically reluctant towards the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen. “It’s not about talking about right or left measures. We lose people with these kinds of considerations,” he eludes, praising in ping a form of “patriotic synthesis” to better erase divisions.

Convincing the middle cles of its seriousness is one of the priority objectives of the RN. The party has almost completed the drafting of an “educational booklet” intended for the economic world intended to reure about its intentions. He also wishes to bring the subject of social fraud to the agenda of the National embly in the coming weeks. “Who was the Budget Minister responsible for launching a vast plan against fraud? Gabriel Attal! » insists Renaud Labaye, general secretary of the RN group at the Palais-Bourbon.


But on the legislative level, it is difficult to decide. The group of 88 deputies is divided behind the scenes on the question of work. “We will vote against reducing the duration of compensation if that is the government’s intention,” believes a close advisor to Marine Le Pen. Others rather evoke a “discourse of responsibility”, oriented towards more pragmatism depending on the texts discussed.

“We will vote for anything that moves towards a form of simplification,” adds a parliamentarian without dwelling. Another added: “In any case, it’s always Marine who decides. »

Opportunistic, the party will above all want to play the chief opponents to the approach European elections by mobilizing on immigration more than on work or employment. “Green pact and migration pact, these are our angles of attack,” confirms the entourage of Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list.

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