The RN wants to make the perverse effects of the ecological transition its electoral fuel

By Paul Laubacher

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“We cannot talk about ecology without a break with free trade,” declares Mathilde Androuët, MEP of the RN. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP

For the National Rally, the roadmap is clear: become vocal on ecology, and have coherent proposals.

Mathilde Androuët was taken by surprise. The European deputy of the National Rally (RN), close to Jordan Bardella, did not expect to have to represent his party in Matignon on Monday September 18. Two days before, she managed the big political return of the RN to Beaucaire. And the day before, she took care of… putting everything away. It was through a simple phone call on Sunday that she was informed that she was going to have to talk about ecological planning with the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, and all other political parties, in place of the president of the RN or Marine Le Pen. On the table, she found herself seated next to Laurent Hénart, head of the Radical Party.

It is not that the RN considers ecology or the environment as a second-rate subject, it is above all because the party with the flame intends above all to let the government deploy its roadmap to plan the transition . Because, according to frontist strategists, each time Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne mention these themes, Marine Le Pen and the RN gain points among the “losers of globalization”. “All this is experienced as a whim of an elite by a people who must carry the entire burden”erts Mathilde Androuët, who bids: for rural and peripheral France, “It’s a political humiliation.”

Those close to Marine Le Pen also see similarities between the current situation and what happened just five years ago, just before the European elections: the movement of “yellow vests“. “We must not forget that it was a tax on fuel that ignited the problem”recalls a frontist deputy. “And what is Macron basically proposing? To tax fuel to finance the transition”, points out Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy president of the RN group in the National embly. And the elected frontists take all the measures “anti-working cles”: low emission zones (ZFE), 80 km/h, “end of the heat engine”, THE “ultra-polluting electric cars”

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A clear roadmap

Mathilde Androuët did not remember much from her meeting at Matignon. “We cannot talk about ecology without a break with free trade,” she points out, which the government obviously does not do. “There are several absent in what was presented to me: international contextualization, because we import half of our pollution, or even the French people, because they do not plan to consult the French with Referendum”, considers the MEP.

The environment is a real subject, and particularly on health issues. Farmers, affected by the worst cancers, are the first to be affected

Mathilde Androuët

The ecological transition, frontist electoral fuel? Nothing is that simple. “In 2019, we certainly won the European elections, but our score could have been higher if we had captured all the anger of the “yellow vests”analyzes a frontist strategist. We cannot not have proposals on the ecological transition. Otherwise, we risk missing the train.” Mathilde Androuët clearly sees that in the frontist electorate, “the environment is a real subject, and particularly on health issues. Farmers, affected by the worst cancers, are the first to be affected”.

For the RN, the roadmap is clear: become audible on ecology, and have coherent proposals. Several people are working on this subject: Mathilde Androuët, from the European Parliament, Andréa Kotarac, ex-Insoumis, parliamentary istant to Marine Le Pen. Jordan Bardella, a great technophile, intends to make it a major focus of his European campaign. It’s about not being taken by surprise.

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