The road accident of a social media star cat moves Great Britain

Sigrid writes books. Sigrid has an Instagram account. Sigrid has 370,000 followers on social media. Sigrid comes from Norway and is the joy of Londoners. Sigrid is none other than a cat! This white, fluffy-looking beauty with a silky coat quickly became an internet sensation. Its owner, Travis Nelson, made it famous by riding with his pet around London in a bicycle basket.

“She really seems to like it,” said Travis, a north Londoner. at the BBC few months ago. “If I play with my bike, she gets excited. She is always very attentive and very curious and sometimes meows at the door to go out. » So Sigrid has traveled the length and breadth of London over the past 18 months and also took a trip to see the spiers of Cambridge Cathedral.

But then, at the start of the week, Monday, Sigrid and her cycling partner were victims of a road accident in the British capital. Travis Nelson was walking with Sigrid on a London axis when a scooter overtaking him from the right hit the handlebars of his bicycle. Sigrid was thrown violently to the ground during the collision.

Impatient, close ping moped driver knocked us off our bike today. Fortunately the police (?) were right behind us, so they could scold me for not wearing a helmet and then leave. First time off my bike since 2007.

Sigrid is fine; my knee is messed up, can’t ride for a bit.

— Travis and Sigrid (@sigirides) November 13, 2023

The video of the accident posted on social media has been viewed more than 10 million times. “It’s the first time I’ve fallen off my bike since 2007,” explains the cyclist, but Sigrid is fine; my knee is damaged, I can’t ride for a while,” he confides on his social networks. “This is exactly why I don’t like stopping at red lights. Inattentive or impatient motorists often hit cyclists when the light turns green,” added this experienced cyclist.

Internet users attack Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson, who usually wears a helmet but was not wearing one on this occasion, said he suffered cuts and bruises to his knees, back and shoulder, and that police had taken him away. ‘elsewhere called to order. He added that after the accident, Sigrid was fine. ” She is fine. Literally, 30 seconds later, she was back to normal, it was just a blip for her,” he said. However, he was very afraid that his cat would end up under the wheels of the scooter.

The Metropolitan Police said an unmarked police car was ping near the crash site and stopped. Road safety advice was given to both parties.

On the Twitter network, Travis Nelson benefited from less concern, with Internet users accusing him of having endangered his “fabulous cat”. Others even criticizing him for picking up his phone in the first place!

someone should take that cat away from you and give her a responsible, loving home. this isn’t it

— laura 🪐. (@kvvieciscie) November 15, 2023

As a result, the subject went viral, with everyone analyzing the accident, blaming Travis. Many animal lovers accuse him of putting Sigrid in “mortal danger”, for his “content”. The price of glory, in a way.

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