The Russian Federation wanted to use a possible meeting between Poroshenko and Orban

The Security Service of Ukraine commented on the refusal of the country’s former president Petro Poroshenko to travel abroad, stating that it had information that Poroshenko planned to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is called a “friend” of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a SBU report.

As stated in the SBU message, she received information about the preparation of “provocations on the international stage by the Russian special services”, after which she turned to the authorities with a proposal to take into account information about these plans when organizing and coordinating foreign business trips of Ukrainian delegations. After that, the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada canceled the already issued permission for Poroshenko’s foreign business trip to the USA, it is said. First Vice-Speaker Oleksandr Kornienko previously reported that he canceled Poroshenko’s international business trip after receiving a letter marked “For official use”, the content of which he cannot disclose.

The SBU erts that Russia, among other things, intends to use a possible meeting between Ukrainian politicians and foreign political figures to promote narratives “about the necessity of a negotiation process with the Russian Federation under the conditions of a war freeze.” In this context, the SBU called to consider a possible meeting with Orban, who “systematically expresses an anti-Ukrainian position, is a “friend of Putin” and calls for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.”

Poroshenko’s European Solidarity party rejected the SBU’s allegations, noting that he had planned visits only to Poland and the USA from December 1 to 8, and not to Budapest. They also noted that, in addition to Poroshenko, three women deputies from the party were not released from the country. “With their ridiculous actions and public explanations, those who planned this special operation against the leader of European Solidarity are actually playing along with the enemy,” Poroshenko’s supporters believe. They also note that if Poroshenko had met with Orban, he would have tried to convince the Hungarian prime minister not to block the start of negotiations on EU accession with Ukraine, and the SBU message only increases the tension in relations with Hungary. “They spat in Budapest, and they got in Washington”, – they believe in “European Solidarity”.

Earlier on Friday, Poroshenko said that in the morning he was not released outside Ukraine for a business trip from December 1 to 8, although there was an order from the head of the Council. According to Poroshenko, he has scheduled meetings with representatives of the US Congress and the Polish Sejm in the coming days.

Ukraine is under martial law, leaving the country for men of military age is restricted. Government employees and representatives of the authorities may leave only for valid reasons, in particular on business trips.

  • Poroshenko heads the European Solidarity opposition party. This is not the first time that the Ukrainian border service has denied the ex-president entry. In May 2022, he was able to leave Ukraine only at the third request and only after he published an open letter to President Volodymyr Zelensky. A number of criminal cases have been opened against Poroshenko in Ukraine, in particular, he is accused of treason and financing terrorism during coal deliveries in 2014-2015 from the Donb regions not controlled by Kyiv. After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year, no investigative actions were reported in these cases.

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