The school bus was sold, their education was interrupted…

The school bus was sold, their education was interrupted…

21 students, 7 of whom are girls, studying in Kurucahöyük Village of Birecik District of Şanlıurfa, ended their education because the owner of the shuttle that brought them to school sold their car. Stating that they wanted to study, the students said, “We want service”.

The families of 25 students, 13 of whom are girls, living in Kurucahöyük Village, about 20 kilometers from Birecik, requested a shuttle service from the Şanlıurfa authorities at the beginning of the school year so that their children can go to the secondary school, which is built 1,700 meters away from their village. However, the authorities did not comply with this request on the grounds that it was “under 2 kilometers”. Thereupon, the villagers continued their children’s education in the first half of the school year by jointly paying for the fuel of Bekir Canpolat’s vehicle.


However, when Bekir Canpolat’s house was damaged in the Gaziantep-Kahramanmaraş earthquake on February 6, he sold his minibus. With the sale of the minibus that took them to and from their school, a few of the students continued their education under difficult conditions, while 21 7th grade students, 7 girls and 14 boys, interrupted their education. On the one hand, children trying to survive in tents due to their damaged houses, on the other hand, are sad to leave their education unfinished.


Stating that there are stray dogs on the middle school road, which is 1,700 meters away from their village, and that this is extremely dangerous, the students said, “A few of our friends want to continue their education, albeit with difficulty, but they are always faced with dog attacks. How do we walk every day, about 4 kilometers round-trip. We want to read. Let our state find us a service,” he said.


Listening to the problems of the students from Kurucahöyük together with CHP Birecik District Chairman, Lawyer Sakıp Yaşar, and the members of the board of directors, CHP Şanlıurfa Legal Commission Officer Ronayi Paydaş said, “Article 42 of the Constitution has made it mandatory for the state to provide education opportunities to everyone. Here, especially our girls want to study, but because they can’t go to school because of a dog attack, they leave their education halfway. These children will learn how to walk about 3.5 kilometers every day. It is unknown why the authorities built a school not in the village center, but at a distance of 1,700 meters. Let them account for this. If they do not, they should provide services for the education of our children.”

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