“The season looks good,” salivates Jeanmonnot

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Lou Jeanmonnot. PONTUS LUNDAHL / AFP

French biathlete Lou Jeanmonnot spoke after her first individual success of her career this Friday.

French biathlete Lou Jeanmonnot believes that his sprint victory in Östersund (Sweden) on Fridaythe first individual success of his career, “means that the season promises to be good”.

Q: What does this first individual victory in the World Cup represent?

A: “It means that I worked hard this summer, and that the season looks good. The sprint is still the basic race, so if I manage to win a sprint, that means that I am capable of winning all types of races. It’s very cool. This is the result of many, many years of work. During the race, at the start of the last lap, I was really worried because I wasn’t very well (physically), I had put a lot into the first lap, and I didn’t think I would be able to finish as expected. . Finally, when I saw at the intermediate (times) that things weren’t moving compared to the Norwegian (Knotten, ultimately 2nd), that reured me a little and my skiing loosened up a little. I’m not saying that I had fun, but I managed to pick myself up, to do something technically cleaner.”

Q: How did you experience waiting for the final result?

A: “It took a very long time… Usually, I go straight to my +recovery+. There, I was too stressed, I know that I couldn’t have done a recovery without looking at the phone every half a second, so I stayed warm, and I waited in front of the race data, that’s it. is faster than on TV. I am very happy to enter this circle (of French biathletes who won the World Cup). Now all we have to do is increase the number of victories!”

Q: How will you approach Sunday’s pursuit? And the next sprint in a week, distinctive red bib on your back?

A: “I don’t know at all, I think I’m going to be very, very, very stressed. And the bib is going to stress me out too, that one! That’s it, we’re going to learn to manage stress.”

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