the secret war of cinemas against bed bugs

By Emma Confrere

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“Overall, there was an omerta on this phenomenon”, recognizes Stéphane Bras, of the company Rentokil. peych_p – / Plamen Peychev / vasakna –

DECRYPTION – Cinemas try, willy-nilly, to fight against this scourge. All sectors are affected by these pests, with a 75% increase in one year in professional interventions.

On a t-shirt, pants or in a bag, these little beasts wander from one place to another, without anyone noticing. Once they cause unbearable itching, it is already too late. They can be found in the most unlikely places, such as in the office or… in dark rooms. THE Bedbugs have been the subject of intense controversy in recent days, while Internet users have reported stings in certain Parisian rooms. Enough to put these places in the spotlight and worry their customers.

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