the Seine still unsuitable for a triathlon test event, should we be worried?

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No triathletes this Sunday in the Seine EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP

Eleven months before the start of the events, the quality of the river’s water remains a major problem for the organizers of Paris 2024.

The triathlon still deprived of swimming in the Seine. The mixed relay competition of the 2024 Olympics test event also had to give up the river on Sunday, the water analyzes “not offering the necessary guarantees“, according to the organizers who hammer their confidence for the Olympic deadline.

With less than a year to go (July 26 – August 11, 2024), this is the third test event troubled by the quality of the river water in two weeks since the open water swimming event had been canceled earlier this month. As for Sunday’s race, it was converted into a duathlon, like the para-triathlon test events the day before, namely only cycling and running. This format smiled on the German team, the Blues failed them at the foot of the podium.

An investigation is underway to find the cause of this degradation but, to date, no explanation has yet been found.

Pierre Rabadan

The cause of this impe in the Seine remains the same: the concentration of Escherichia Coli (E. coli) bacteria in the river. “Analyzes of three samples from the course showed levels above the regulatory threshold of 1,000 CFU per 100 ml set by World Triathlon before Sunday’s race“, explained to AFP the sports istant of the town hall of Paris, Pierre Rabadan. The readings were between 1,300 and 1,400 CFU / 100 ml, still according to him.

Storms, causing heavy rainfall in the event of waste water spilling into the river, are not the cause. “An investigation is underway to find the cause of this degradation but, to date, no explanation has yet been found.“, recognized Pierre Rabadan. “We miss the walk by very little“, Estimated the Minister of Sports and the Olympics, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. “It is extremely encouraging, you have to see the gl half full (…). We will be there, I repeat.»

What they are doing is truly historic, they are leaving a legacy after the Games. We can only applaud them.

Alex Yee

Never before has a triathlon been converted into a duathlon at the Olympic Games, even if the discipline is certainly of recent appearance (2000). “It would be a shameJudge Beth Potter, winner of the women’s race on Thursday and second in the mixed relay on Sunday with the British team. “Hopefully next year it will be fine.» «Water filtering is still under development. So next year will be perfectwants to believe his compatriot Alex Yee, winner of the men’s race. “What they are doing is truly historic, they are leaving a legacy after the Games. We can only applaud them.»

The work of connecting individuals who have inherited wild connections is indeed still in progress. “We’re a quarter of the way“, explained Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. “We have the prospect of correcting 23,000 bad connections. It is also necessary to finalize the connection to the mains drainage of all the barges.» «The objective was to make the Seine swimmable in 2024, recalls the boss of the organizing committee Tony Estanguet. This test occurs along the way, the device is not mature. There are still major efforts, new means deployed to improve the quality of the water in the Seine. As we have seen, it is improving month by month and will continue to improve.»

No plan B considered

In addition, the reigning French world champion Léo Bergère did not “not heard that athletes had come out sickof the men’s race. This was disputed on Friday, the day of the first samples which proved to be beyond the regulatory threshold at the time of their laboratory analysis. “The maximum is done by the organizationinsists Léo Bergère. Confident in its plan, the organization does not consider a plan B, she insists. “Since the beginning, we stay on the same projectinsists Tony Estanguet. It is to organize triathlon and para-triathlon in this extraordinary site. You have a beautiful setting between the Grand Palais, the Invalides, this Alexandre III bridge. This course, I believe, is unanimous.»

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