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Books for dance enthusiasts and wine lovers.

Dance side

Behind the scenes of the Paris National Opera

The authors walked between Bastille and Garnier to follow the work of the artists and the mechanisms of a house where each of the 500 annual curtain raisers sweeps away hearts. Dancers, musicians, little hands from the costume or set workshops, stagehands, sculptors… we are struck by the multiplicity of professions that go into the development of a show. The originality of this beautiful book is that it prefers drawings to photos. Illustrator from Arts Déco, Laure Fissore has a keen eye and sketches everything from life. Laetitia Cenac as Senior Reporter at Madame Figarosigns the text.

Éditions La Martinière, 224 pages, €32.

Behind the scenes of the Paris National Opera. La Martinière

Listening to the blue, dance itinerary by Léo Walk

28 years old and already a countless number of fans: Léo Walk unleashes pions. He let photographer Sam Hellmann follow him into “the thick of life”. So here is Léo Walk in rehearsals, in shows, standing, lying down, sitting with a dome on his head, in his kitchen, with his friends. Blue strokes and lightning strikes. The workshop of a young designer well in his time. “Happy reading and good fidgeting!”, says the artist.

Grund Editions, 216 pages, €29.95

Listening to the blue. Léo Walk’s dance itinerary Gründ

All dancers

How do you feel? Rather clic, contemporary, electro, flamenco, hip-hop, Krump, voguing, Waaking? Dorothée de Cabissole brings together in a precious work the ultimate headliners of the moment. Angelin Preljocaj signs the preface, Marion Motin the afterword. The portraits of artists are consistent: each person confesses what dance tells them, and the way in which it allows them to live in their time. The photos reflect effort and concentration. The instructions on each style are precise and very accessible.

Éditions Marabout, 208 pages, €29.90

All dancers. Marabout

Contemporary scenes, the guide

The performing arts are shaking up. They value the rowdiness and hustle and bustle. Theater, circus, dance, performance take the risk and pleasure of new forms. Philippe Noisette gives with humor and simplicity the keys to these ruptures, and indicates ways to tame them. Glossary, portraits, history. The ideal book for spectators to broaden their repertoire and to be able to appreciate, after the first moments of astonishment, the (r)evolutions of the scene.

Flammarion 224 pages, €24.90

Contemporary scenes. Flammarion

The dancer

Patrick Modiano follows the memory of a dancer as if emerging from her own Realm of Shadows. The walk slips into a Paris in chiaroscuro, between the Wacker studio, Clichy, Place Pereire and the suburban trains which connect the Gare du Nord. The young woman comes out to join Boris Knief at the studio. In this uncertain kaleidoscope of memory, where very clear sequences emerge, the writer draws the portrait of a young woman stuck to work, to escape the rest of life. This could be a lesson.

Éditions Gallimard, 112 pages, €16.

The dancer Gallimard

Wine side

General tour, My wine route by François-Xavier Demaison

Hedonist, François-Xavier Demaison who played Coluche in the cinema is pionate about divine nectar. Just on tour these days with his show called Di(x) Wine(s), “FX” shares his taste for wine in a lively work which offers wine and gourmet escapades in thirteen regions of France. A tail of quotes –“When the wine is drawn, it must be drunk” by Marcel Pagnol-, tasty anecdotes exchanged with winegrowers or artist accomplices, François-Xavier Demaison takes us along around friendly tables. “Were you drinking? Well, eat now!”, recommends a section that offers tempting cooking recipes. Ah the Moelleux with muscat from Beaumes-de-Venise or the Diots with Savoie wine!. François-Xavier Demaison also answers crucial “bullshit questions” like “Do we have to have red wine with cheese? More seriously, he confides how he met his wife, Anaïs, a Catalan woman who made him know and love her region. Every year, they organize a hybrid festival (Pellicu-Live) where directors, renowned chefs and musicians are invited. To be enjoyed without moderation.

Michel Lafon, 224 pages, 29.95 euross

General tour Michel Lafon

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