The Senate wants to severely regulate synthetic meat and chicken

110 start-ups are working around the world to recreate beef, chicken or pork in the laboratory, including three in France. TopMicrobialStock /

A report recommends boosting research in France on cellular meats. And to strongly supervise the production and denomination of these possible future foods, still prohibited in Europe. This is enough to start the economic model of these start-ups.

“Meat comes from living things, not from laboratories. Count on me so that in France, the meat remains natural and never artificial!“. By protesting at the end of 2020 on the green light given by Singapore to the marketing of laboratory meat, the former Prime Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie had relaunched the debate around this technology, which is controversial to say the least. More specifically, techniques based on the in vitro reconstitution, from stem cells and in culture media, of chicken, beef or pork.

In a report submitted on Wednesday, the Senate, which conducted a fact-finding mission on the subject for three months, confirmed France’s caution on technologies that unleash pions. Admittedly, these are still a long way from finding a place on our plates, unlike products made by precision fermentation or plant-based meat substitutes (soy patties, peas, etc.). As soon as possible, the schedule…

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