The series reaches the Netflix top 10 in 58 countries: the incredible success of “Combatantes”

Big-budget and event series aired for the first time on TF1 in September 2022, “The Fighters” continue to disrupt everything in their path. Carried by excellent reviews and after having seduced some 5 million viewers on the front page, then having climbed into the Top 3 of Netflix France, the fiction is enjoying a “rather crazy” international career, rejoices its producer, Iris Bucher. .

This weekend, it was the fifth most watched in the world on the platform and present in the top 10 of Netflix in 58 countries! And not least since in the United States, it was number 3 just like in Germany or Greece. In Great Britain, “Les Combattantes” ended up in second place and in Brazil, on the first step of the podium. “I’m absolutely delighted”, confides Iris Bucher who, from the outset, salutes “the tremendous collective work” which, from the start, has accompanied the series.

“When we carry out this kind of project, we dream that it will reach the widest possible audience and we are aiming for the international market”, confides the professional for whom the success owes a lot to the “very local, very French” anchoring of series. “When it is extremely strong, it allows us to touch the universal even if the theme of war is unfortunately global”.

A blockbuster like in the cinema

“The female prism” also carried “Les Combattantes”, believes the producer. Series in eight 52-minute episodes, it features four women in eastern France during the First World War. Along with the actress Audrey Fleurotwe find Camille Lou, Julie de Bona and Sofia Essaidi.

“Besides these four wonderful actresses, all the other actors are exceptional, Sandrine Bonnaire, Grégoire Colin or Laurent Gerra, insists Iris Bucher. This very heterogeneous cast is really my great pride. »

“The collective on the project was incredible, engages the producer. We all gave it our all and we worked a lot for three years, from writing the screenplay to filming. Each talent had its place, from the actors to the production designer and the costume designer who moved heaven and earth to find the same fabric as at the beginning of the 20th century”. Equipped with a very comfortable budget of 19 million euros, the result is a series of very high quality that has nothing to envy to American formats.

It is not the incredible success of the “Combatantes” that will slow down the many projects of Iris Bucher. The one who just launched “Vortex”fantastic series for France 2, working on several projects including the adaptation of the brilliant thriller by Olivier Norek, “Surface”.

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