the shooting of the game adapted from Squid Game begins in difficult conditions

The trailer for “Squid Game, the challenge” Netflix screenshot

Six months after Netflix announced the cast of the reality game “Squid Game, the challenge”, filming began this week in England in fairly harsh weather conditions.

As in Squid Game, they are 456, not one more nor one less. These 456 English-speaking participants over the age of 21 were selected by netflix to participate in “Squid Game, the challenge” with, as a key, the promise of a jackpot of 4.35 million euros to be won. “Please note that, winners or losers, all players will emerge unscathed”had taken the trouble to specify the production when launching “the greatest cast in the history of reality TV” worldwide. Filming began last Monday in the impressive hangars of Cardington Studios, a former Royal Air Force military base turned into a filming location. Scenes from Star Wars, Batman, Inception or Justice League were filmed there.

” One two Three Sun “

It is on this site, 100 kilometers north of London, that 456 people from all over the world, from England to the United States and Australia, began filming. According to the testimonies of participants collected by The Sun , the first test inspired by the game “One, two, three, sun” turned out to be a real nightmare. In question, the cold which reigned at the beginning of the week in the region of Bedford and the absence of thermal insulation of the studio. “It was like a war zone, people left in tears”, said participants to our colleagues. Determined to win millions of euros, candidates would have remained motionless for long minutes while the mercury showed temperatures below zero degrees. In hypothermia, some would have left the enclosure supported by doctors or on a stretcher, unable to move.

“Everyone was shaking”

The production provided each contestant with a similar outfit, like in the seriesconsisting of a green tracksuit, socks, sports shoes and a Thermolactyl undershirt. “But everyone was shaking there, there was definitely no heating”, testified a candidate eliminated at the end of the first test. For their part, the producers responded to The Sun that all precautions had been taken for the filming to take place ” safely “. “The candidates were informed several weeks ago that they would be playing in cold conditionsthey said. Netflix, Studio Lambert and The Garden take care of the participants, it is one of their main priorities. »

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