The southern region of the state has floods with the return of rain to Rio Grande do Sul

Municipalities of South region of Rio Grande do Sul were hit by heavy rain this Thursday (7), which resulted in flooding and blocked roads in different places during the early hours of the morning. The rise of the Piratini River worries residents and the regional Civil Defense monitors the accumulated rainfall.

The municipality that recorded the highest amount of rain was Pedro Osorio, with 145.2mm in the last 24 hours. The municipality asked for the support of trucks to remove families and furniture from their homes. Four families were sent to the municipal shelter, in the Parish Hall (Rua Júlio de Castilhos, 86 – Centro). According to the city hall’s newsletter, the Piratini River continued to rise at 10:30 am this Friday (8).

A request was also made for help from Army trucks, which are traveling to the site, as well as State Civil Defense teams, which will also monitor the situation in Cerritoa neighboring municipality that recorded an elevation of approximately half a meter every hour of the river that borders the city around midnight.

In pellets, 125.4 mm were recorded and at least eight families needed help from the teams to leave their homes. According to the Civil Defense, they went to the homes of friends and family and, therefore, are not considered displaced. In the region of Colônia Z3, the situation is alert for the elevation level of Lagoa dos Patos.

With 151.2 mm of rain, big River it also records flooding points and a homeless person is isted by the Municipal Civil Defense. According to the Civil Defense of the Southern Region, the trend is that the number of people who have to leave their homes increases during the morning.

Check the rainfall accumulated in the last 48 hours:

National Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alerts (CEMADEN):
Pedro Osório: 155.4 mm
Arroio Grande: 145.6 mm
Capon Do Leão: 129.2 mm
Kanguçu: 126.2 mm
Cheerleader: 125.8mm
Pellets: 125.4 mm
Dom Pedrito: 116 mm
Redeemer: 113 mm
Deep Step: 80.8 mm
Santa Rosa: 80.8mm
São Lourenço Do Sul: 75.2 mm
Holy Water: 70.8 mm
Horizontina: 68.4 mm
Southern Rosary: ​​68.2 mm
Caçapava Do Sul: 63 mm
Santa Maria: 60mm
Solitude: 56 mm
Secret: 54.2mm
Slab: 53.2 mm
Southern Cross: 50.4 mm
Bonita Do Sul Lagoon: 50 mm

National Institute of Meteorology (INMET):
Rio Grande: 151.2mm
Capão do Leão (Pellets): 141.4 mm
Jaguarão: 113.6 mm
Kanguçu: 93.8 mm
Caçapava do Sul: 88.8 mm
Bag: 85.4 mm
Frederick Westphalen: 82.2 mm
Dom Pedrito: 80mm
Santa Vitória do Palmar: 77.8 mm
Deep Pitch: 75mm
Palm of the Missions: 72.6 mm
Santana do Livramento: 68.4 mm
Saint Augustus: 64mm
Cheerleader: 59.4mm
São Vicente do Sul: 55 mm
Saint Gabriel: 53.2mm
Serafina Corrêa: 54.6 mm
South Crossroads: 51.2mm

National Water Agency (ANA):
Taquaruçu Do Sul: 88.2 mm
Bag: 76.6 mm
Santana Do Livramento: 72.0 mm
Deep Step: 70.2mm
Piratini: 68.0mm
Condor: 64.0mm
Lavras Do Sul: 62.2 mm
Saint Gabriel: 59.2mm
Dom Pedrito: 57.4mm
Cheerleader: 56.0 mm
Solitude: 53.4mm
Jaguari: 51.2mm
Nonoai: 50.4mm

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