“The spectacular recovery of the American economy and job shortages have awakened the enthusiasm of workers for demands”

SAG-Aftra union leader and chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland (left, fist raised) at the end of the 113th day of the strike, outside Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, California, November 3, 2023 .

Lhe actors raise their fists, but it’s not cinema. After one hundred and eighteen days of strike, Hollywood actors have won the battle. They got the deal they were looking for with the country’s major studios, Disney, Warner, Netflix, Universal. The CEOs in person of the four majors came to sit at the negotiating table. They finally conceded, on Wednesday November 8, an increase, which will be between 7 and 8% (the official figure has not been communicated), remuneration in the event of use of their character by artificial intelligence and finally bonuses for hit movies and series on streaming channels like Netflix.

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The studios were in a hurry to put an end to this widely followed movement, which has already compromised film releases at Christmas and threatened the 2024 summer season. Especially since this actors’ strike followed that of the screenwriters, who had put down the pencil this summer and reached an agreement at the end of September. “Persistence pays off!” », exclaimed Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram. She could have said “the strike pays!” », as social conflicts are increasing in the country.

With an efficiency not seen in decades. This same November 8, employees of Caesar hotels, casinos and restaurants in Las Vegas reached an agreement a few days before the start of the strike voted by their union. Not to mention the mive conflict that rocked the auto industry in September and October, and which ended on October 30 with a very advantageous agreement for workers at Ford, General Motors and Stellantis (Chrysler).

Flourishing health of large companies

They had all been preceded by the unions of the 340,000 UPS delivery drivers, who reached an agreement with management on July 25, a week before the start of a strike which promised to sow logistical chaos throughout the country. The spectacular recovery of the American economy and job shortages have suddenly awakened the demands of workers who have not been spoiled in recent decades.

Especially since the flourishing health of large American companies constituted a weighty argument in the multi-year negotiations, which started this year. UPS, for example, saw its profits triple in 2021 and 2022, compared to pre-pandemic levels. More than 8 billion dollars (7.5 billion euros) were returned to shareholders. No wonder employees are demanding their share. Especially since they are encouraged to do so by President Joe Biden, who came in person to support the auto workers in Detroit. All the planets are aligned in a rare moment, which will not happen again soon.

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