the state dinner for Charles III at Versailles deciphered by Jérémy Côme, the gentleman of good manners on TV

FIGARO LIVE – Guest on the set of “Buzz TV”, the coach of Miss France, who presents “QCM” every Saturday on KTO, commented on the way in which Emmanuel Macron received the British sovereign at the Palace of Versailles last week.

Every year, he teaches good manners to candidates for the Miss France election. Jeremy Como today changes hat to present “QCM”, the “Quiz du Chrétien en Marche”, every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on KTO, the PAF’s Catholic channel. This practicing Christian has a very uninhibited relationship with religion. “I want to convey the image of the funny Catholic. We too often have‘image: “sIf you go to m on Sunday, you cannot dance on a table on Saturday evening. I want to demonstrate the opposite», he confides on the set of “Buzz TV” this Monday.

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This expert in the rules of decorum noted some protocol errors during of Charles III’s stay in France last week. Particularly in the tactile gestures of President Macron towards the British sovereign. “Obviously, they get along very, very well.», quips Jérémy Côme. “It was very uninhibited», he comments before returning to the state dinner which took place in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. “The table was not set as a table should be set. The towel was in the wrong place. Maybe it’s me being nerdy but I have a hard time understanding why the tablecloth was beige and not white. The gles were oddly positionedhe lists. It was also very happy and perhaps wanted the rules not to be as strict as when it was Queen Elizabeth», nuance the one who commented the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the television.

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Jérémy Côme recalls the two ways of setting a table: French or English. For last week’s state dinner, the two were mixed according to our expert. “When a foreign king or head of state comes to France, we should better apply French rules“, he believes. “Overall, the guests were well behaved», he wants to emphasize even if Jérémy Côme regretted the cell phone and the selfies on the red carpet. “It’s 2023, we have to live with the times but there are some efforts to make in relation to the situation and the framework in which we find ourselves.“, he explains again.

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