the State fails to allocate 25% of the stock to the poorly housed, as provided for by law

Does the State mobilize, as provided for by law, 25% of social housing for poorly housed households, recognized under the enforceable right to housing (DALO) or priority? A report from the High Committee for the Housing of Disadvantaged People, published Wednesday September 27, shows that this is far from being the case everywhere, and quantifies, for the first time, some of the shortcomings.

The authors of the report first verified that the State had the possibility, in each department, of reserving this quarter of social housing for the poorly housed. “He ured that yes, in unison with social landlords, but we had noted inconsistencies for several yearsexplains the secretary general of the High Committee, René Dutrey. We therefore requested, then cross-referenced the data from the different monitoring tools, in the 19 departments where requests for DALO recognition are the most numerous. »

The observation is edifying: nine of the nineteen departments requested did not transmit enough data to draw up an essment. “This is all the more problematic as it concerns the eight departments of Ile-de-France, which concentrate more than 70% of DALO-recognized households waiting for housing, and the Nord department, where the situation is also bad”regrets Mr. Dutrey.

Only two departments, Gironde and Loire-Atlantique, are good students: the “prefectural contingent”, that is to say the share of housing actually reservable by the State for households recognized as DALO or priority, reaches well l ‘objective. In the eight other departments which have communicated sufficient figures, this quota is far from being filled: these are the Alpes-Maritimes, where only 13.2% of the park falls under the prefectural quota, and Reunion (15.3 %), Rhône (16.5%), Haute-Garonne (18.5%), Haute-Savoie (18.9%), Hérault (19.7%), Bouches- du-Rhône (20.2%) and Var (21.3%).

Reformed attribution

More than 15,000 housing units that the State should be able to reserve for households recognized as DALO or priority in the Rhône thus remain outside its scope, around 8,000 in Bouches-du-Rhône, 7,000 in the Alpes-Maritimes, etc. “This may be linked to malfunctions of State services and/or to under-declaration, by social landlords, of housing reservable by the State. We have noted a desire among local elected officials at the head of public housing offices to avoid housing the poorest.”, explains René Dutrey. Another phenomenon, “the “superpriority” conferred by law on DALO-recognized households in allocations is generally not respected” : in ten departments, the State allocates more housing to priority households than to those recognized as DALO.

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