The State requisitions student accommodation for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Another controversy that Paris 2024 would have done well, especially since the organizing committee of the Games does not manage the subject at all. It concerns the accommodation requisitioned by the State to accommodate part of its personnel during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. At the manoeuvre, the Interministerial Delegation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Dijop), which set up a housing mission in January 2023, chaired by the prefect Gilles Clavreul.

Its objective was to identify housing needs for state personnel, namely law enforcement, caregivers, firefighters and first aiders. The mission also identified requests for accommodation for private security guards as well as a few volunteers, out of the 45,000 planned for the duration of the Games, in particular those with disabilities.

CROUS housing requisitioned

It identified a need for 18,000 housing units, mainly in Île-de-France, and sought all solutions, with the exception of hotels and private housing. While the Île-de-France Region has already made it known that it will provide the mission with 7,000 accommodations, the latter has targeted high school boarding schools, campuses of Grandes Ecoles and student residences. The mission asked the CROUS (regional center for university and school works) for 3,200 accommodations in twelve residences. Some students thus received an email from their CROUS telling them that they had to imperatively » leave their accommodation before June 30, 2024.


The CROUS have been asked to free up 3,200 homes in twelve residences for the summer of 2024.

We inform you that the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games asks us to make available the CROUS residence where you are currently staying during the months of July and August 2024 for the reception of partners and volunteers mobilized for the event. . On July 1, 2024, the accommodations must all be vacated is it written in this email which triggered strong reactions from student unions on social networks.

“Students will therefore be expelled from their homes”

student union, student union

The student union, one of the biggest of them, tweeted. ” To enable the organization of Olympic Games for the wealthiest, all CROUS in Île-de-France are affected by requisitions. Students will therefore be expelled from their homes during the summer of 2024 and find themselves without housing! »

On the side of Dijop, it is specified that the accommodation is generally empty in the summer months, even if the students continue to rent them to be sure to find them at the start of the school year. For these, the mission undertakes to pay the rent and return their accommodation to them at the end of the Paralympic Games. As for those who will really occupy their accommodation, “ we offer them alternative accommodation and in September we give them back their room continues Dijop, specifying that the two moves will be paid for by the mission. What to calm the controversy and reure the students? To be continued.

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