The story of the King of Pasta, Nino De Cecco, victim of a robbery-kidnapping in a villa: “It was traumatic, they threatened us with knives, they took my wife hostage”

On the hill overlooking the sea between Montesilvano and Pescara there is a secluded and super-chic villa that defends one of the most prominent families in Italy. The De Cecco family, the king of pasta. On Monday evening this hermitage also equipped with a heliport was desecrated by a commando of at least five bandits, including a woman. They were professionals. They wanted money and jewels and were ready for anything.

The robbery lasted exactly forty minutes. Until an accomplice of the bandits, who remained outside the villa as a cover, moved and activated one of the perimeter sensors, triggering the alarm and forcing the commando to flee aboard an Audi that was supposedly stolen in the previous days . A time that seemed interminable to the victims of the robbery, and which gave the bandits the opportunity to have the safe opened and very expensive watches, precious objects and even a pistol regularly held De Cecco, heir to the Abruzzo pasta dynasty, recounts his nightmare . “They took my wife Sheila and my 8-year-old daughter hostage, who were returning to the villa by car around 9.15pm.”

A trauma

«A traumatic moment – says the industrialist, main shareholder of the family business, the day after -, when they break into your house with violence and kidnap your family, it’s serious, you have to keep calm, follow the directions, be as accommodating as possible possible, which is what I then did. They beat me for fear, while my wife and daughter were locked in the kitchen and I was unaware of their condition. I was very calm and careful to avoid reactions, luckily it went well, in hindsight». Then he talks about the beatings: «Yes, I was hit. But above all they intimidated us by showing us knives, they threatened us, they said they had the gun and they made me feel that they had it – says Saturnino as he comes out of the Montesilvano carabinieri barracks, immediately after having testified for over three hours, together with the wife on the details of the robbery -. I’ve always tried to keep calm, not to give in to any provocation.”

Fortunately the robbers believed De Cecco when he warned them that there weren’t large sums of cash in the house: «The most important objective at that moment was to bring home the hide. We were lucky – he explains still shaken – It started very badly, really very badly. When they didn’t like something and they beat me up.”

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