the strength of the college years on MyCanal

the strength of the college years on MyCanal

Rapper Black M delivers without filter in this series full of sincerity and emotion. On the Table Productions/Canal+

Back in their school, personalities evoke their memories in a moving documentary series. “Empty your bag”, a series broadcast on MyCanal and Canal kids.

Common thread of childhood and adolescence, the school remains a base in everyone’s life. The friendships made in the playground, the first love affairs, loved or hated teachers, dreams but also doubts and difficulties represent so many strong moments that have shaped the adults we have become… Much more than we can tell. ‘imagine.


Canal+ Kids invites you to go back in time and discover ten personalities – among the favorites of the youngest – through their memories in the “Empty your bag” program. The comedian Laura Felpin (seen in Le Flambeau and who opens the ball this evening), the rappers Lujipeka and Black M, the footballers Amandine Henry and Olivier Giroud or the singer and youtuber Lola Dubini deliver themselves without filter.

For each, the appointment is given in the school they attended (except for Olivier Giroud, lack of time). Installed in a classroom, they are invited to open the pockets of a rucksack containing objects entrusted to them by their relatives (photos, report cards, diary, CD, etc.) recalling significant moments in their journey and inviting them to confidences. Surprise visits from friends or former teachers enamel this dive into the past.

Inspiring journeys

This series (10 × 22 minutes), full of sincerity and emotion, was imagined by Nora Tirane Fraisse, founder of the association Marion la main tendée after the suicide of her 13-year-old daughter who was harassed at school, and produced by Caroline Delage (“On the board”). “We met as part of the documentary À bonne école and she proposed this idea to me, which I found very inspiring.explains Caroline Delage. Everyone can recognize themselves in these personalities with different experiences. Whether they were good or less good students, attentive or not, school was a key moment in their lives. It’s interesting to watch them look at the children they were and the dreams they had. They made them and it happened at some point in that period.»

If they know success today, everything has not necessarily been simple, from the late success of Olivier Giroud to the self-sacrifice of Amandine Henry to build her career, through the mockery suffered by Lola Dubini, each, in their own way, had to overcome obstacles and believe in their destiny. “It is a period that is not easy, but founding. Living it through their memories allows you to convey a lot of messages“, concludes the producer, who is already dreaming of a second season.

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