The succession of Marine Le Pen, a new step in the normalization of the National Rally

Marine Le Pen, surrounded by Jordan Bardella and Louis Aliot, during an RN congress in Perpignan, July 4, 2021.

Marine Le Pen had asked: no wave. The election of his successor to the presidency of the National Rally (RN), at the next congress of the movement, on November 5, must reinforce the veneer of respectability of the party, like the behavior of its 89 deputies at the Palais-Bourbon. The two candidates, Jordan Bardella and Louis Aliot, "are keenly aware that the unity of our movement is an essential element of our future victory", assured the leader of the party to West France, in an interview published on Friday 16 September. Follow this instruction: “We have no right to fall into sterile divisions. »

The watchword should be followed, on September 17 and 18, during the gathering of RN deputies in Cap d'Agde (Hérault). Especially during the speeches of the two men, as a prelude to that of the chef, Sunday afternoon. “Marine asked the candidates not to damage the movement, confirms Edwige Diaz, deputy of Gironde and future vice-president of the party in the event of victory of the favorite, Jordan Bardella. We're not going to crepe the bun: in two months, we will all sit together again on the executive board. » Louis Aliot himself sports the calm of old troops – “53 years old only”he wishes to recall: “The period is for wisdom. Faced with parties that are falling apart, we must represent a pole of stability. If we conduct this election with relative benevolence, we will come out of it stronger. »

The mayor of Perpignan, more discreet in the media than the interim president, without control of the apparatus or the support of the majority of executives, says he does not present himself as an expiatory victim. He claims to have been criticized for his candidacy by some. She still falls flat. Mr. Aliot narrowly got enough endorsements to run but, had he missed any, “we would have helped him”generously slips in Edwige Diaz: “If there had been only one candidate, you [les journalistes] would have had lots of story ideas. »

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A single line, that of Navy

Giving the image of a mature party capable, like the others, of organizing the succession of the leader without difficulty: this is the major challenge of the internal ballot of November 5 for the RN. Almost the only one, in fact. The elected official will have more the role of a secretary general, in a party whose center of gravity has moved from the seat of the Porte de Saint-Cloud to the National Assembly. Above all, unlike the other parties, whose congresses are moments of strategic and ideological clarification, that of the RN can only confirm the only existing line: that drawn by Marine Le Pen.

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