the symbols hidden in five key credits

the symbols hidden in five key credits

The Arnolfini Spouses by the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1434), is hijacked in the credits of the series Desperate Housewives to show male dominance in the home. Screenshot YouTube, credits Desperate Housewives.

Threatened by the “Skip Intro” function, the credits are forced to become ever more creative. The most successful are full of winks. On the occasion of the Sériesmania festival in Lille, Le Figaro deciphers five that scored.

Desperate Housewives

In this flagship series from 2004-2012 currently on Prime video, director Marc Cherry and the graphic designers of the company yY+Co wanted to illustrate the condition of women through the ages. This cult generic is now analyzed in visual arts classes. They had the idea of ​​diverting famous paintings that follow one another like an animated book. That ofAdam&Eve in the Garden of Eden by the German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder is slightly modified. Eve crunches the apple but Adam gets crushed by a giant fruit. As shown in a fresco of Nefertari, wife of Ramses II, men will take revenge by occupying their wives with a multitude of children. Then comes The Arnolfini couple, painting by Jan Van Eyck, one of the masters of Flemish painting. His work shows the marriage of a wealthy merchant to a woman of low status. The eye is drawn to a broom. Submissive, the young wife will be assigned to household chores…

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