The time of love on TF1 Series Films

The time of love on TF1 Series Films

Anna Kendrick plays Darby Carter alongside Jin Ha as Augie Jeong in Love Life. HBO MAX / WARNER BROS DISCOVERY

This anthology created by Sam Boyd follows Darby Carter throughout his love life. To discover this Friday on the channel channel 20.

Tell me who you love, I’ll tell you who you are. If so, Darby Carter can be read like an open book. Throughout her love stories, this New Yorker and museum guide reveals herself. First released on HBO Max in 2020 and then on Prime Video, this romantic CV is now broadcast tonight on TF1 Series Films.

Anna Kendrick perfect as Darby Carter

From 9 p.m., five new episodes, of around 20 minutes, will follow one another over the joys and sorrows of Darby Carter. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the scenario exploits whatever love has to offer or take. First feelings, love at first sight, encounters, disillusions, breakups, short-lived stories and questions, nothing is ruled out.

“The people we meet on our way make us who we are when we end up with someone forever”, summarizes Sam Boyd to describe the guideline of love-life. The creator, to whom we owe Relationships with Emma Roberts or Flowers with Zoey Deutchoffers to Anna Kendrick lhe main role of these romantic adventures. The actress revealed in Pitch Perfect, makes you laugh, slightly annoys, also moves. In fact, she fuses so well with her character that our emotions are ruled by Darby Carter’s interactions and reactions. A rather positive factor which also shows that romantic fictions are not always absurd or clichéd.

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