The tragic fate of the “disappeared from Mirepoix” before the Ariège courts

Célia Orsaz was killed by a gunshot to the head at close range on Thursday, November 30, 2017 late in the afternoon. She was 18 years old. The remains of his corpse – a few bones – were found more than six months later – on June 12, 2018 – in the Puivert forest (Aude). A few hours before this macabre discovery, not far from there, the gendarmes of the Toulouse research section had extracted the body of his father, Christophe, 46 years old, lying in the septic tank of an abandoned farm in the hamlet of Rieufourcant on the commune of Bélesta (Ariège). He too was killed on November 30, 2017, an hour or two before his daughter. He was macred with iron bars before suffocating to death with fecal matter.

That day, Célia had to take the train from Pamiers (Ariège) to go to Toulouse, where her boyfriend, Thibaut, was waiting for her. His father had to accompany him to the station, and so it was the two of them, shortly after 4 p.m., who left the family gîte in Mirepoix (Ariège) where Christophe Orsaz lived. Before heading towards Pamiers, the landscaper had planned a quick stop in Bélesta. An appointment for a project that a potential client had proposed to him. In terms of meeting, it was an ambush set by his ex-partner and her new lover.

Jean-Paul Vidal, 53, and Marie-José Montesinos, 61, appear from Friday November 17 to Friday November 24 before the Ariège ize Court, in Foix. They are accused of the ination of Christophe Orsaz and the murder of Célia. During the fall of 2017, they hatched the trap against Christophe Orsaz, but in their sordid scenario, they had not anticipated the presence of Célia alongside her father.

“You will not spend Christmas with your daughter”

At the start of this villainous affair, a banal story, as is the case with these sentimental stories which end in pain. Christophe Orsaz, originally from the Alps, and Marie-José Montesinos, nurse in a clinic, met in the 2010s on a website dedicated to hiking. They shared the pleasure of walking in the mountains and fell in love to the point that in 2012 Christophe Orsaz left his Grenoble region to join Marie-José Montesinos in Ariège, at the foot of the Pyrenees. They each have a daughter born from a first marriage. At the end of 2016, their romance ended in tumultuous fashion and the separation turned into conflict.

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Marie-José Montesinos cannot stand what she considers to be ” treason “. In the months that followed, the two ex-lovers filed more complaints with the gendarmerie. He denounces harment, threats, and theft. “You will not spend Christmas with your daughter, I will have you put in prison”, she says to him one day, while another she slashes the tires of her car. Then she denigrates him to his employers – he is a thief, a manipulator, she tells them – who fire him. To the gendarmes, Christophe Orsaz describes increasingly intense tensions and an increasingly inextricable situation. He fears the worst.

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