The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense speaker who threatened Russian journalists was suspended

The command of the territorial defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) has suspended its official representative, transgender Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, according to a message from the department on the social network X.

“Sergeant Ashton-Cirillo’s statements in recent days have not been approved by the STO command and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the statement said. It also said that Ukrainian defense forces “comply with international humanitarian law” in relation to the enemy.

The command will conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate measures. Pending its results, Ashton-Cirillo will be immediately removed from her position, the defense clarified.

On September 15, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed outrage at the statements of the American transgender Ashton-Cirillo. As the ministry noted, in her statement, the speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made direct calls for the murder of employees of Russian media and organizations covering the conflict in Ukraine.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, ordered that Ashton-Cirillo’s statements be checked “for the presence of threats against Russian journalists”; based on the results of the check, a legal essment will be given.

On September 19, the press service of the capital’s prosecutor’s office reported that a criminal case had been opened regarding threats to kill Channel One correspondent Vladislav Shurygin. An unknown person called the journalist and during the conversation said that he was a “gunner” and was preparing to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle at the military correspondent’s residence address.

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