the ultimate provocation of Yann Moix on Europe 1

Facing the camera of the Morning hosted by Dimitri Pavlenko, the columnist took a position on this sensitive subject, rallying the ideas of the deputy Nupes Aymeric Caron, his ex-best enemy in the program “We are not lying”.

Let it be said, bullfighting is unworthy to the highest degree Yann Moix. Never stingy with punchlines to establish his opinion, the French writer and filmmaker hammered home his position today during the weekly column he writes every Tuesday in the morning of Europe, around 8:35 a.m. The former winner of the Goncourt prize and then the Renaudot prize began his argument by attacking traditions…

I’m not sure that traditions are so important (…). One can imagine that tradition is the mark that has endured not of human intelligence, but of the imbecility, if not even the barbarism of our ancestors. Why should we respect everything, under what pretext? “, he noted immediately. Continuing: “ The tradition is often stupid and does not allow the transmission of the essential, the texts for example. Culture consists precisely in freeing oneself from belief and, in so doing, from tradition. »

“The shoe polish dick in the barracks”

Faced with Dimitri Pavlenko, Yann Moix then chose to enumerate a long list of traditions to forget, according to him, starting with “ the black cock in the barracks “, also evoking Scotland where “ the day before her wedding, the future bride is covered with rubbish, rubbish, garbage collection to train her in the difficulty of the life of a wife », and ending on an Indonesian island where « the dead continue to live in the family, so we dress them every day, we put them at the table… Corpses! In the name of what ? Traditional! »

After having castigated “all the stupid” who come to put padlocks saying “ I like you ” on the Pont des Arts in Paris, Moix returned to the central subject of his column, bullfighting, replaced in the news for a few days by the deputy Nupes of Paris, Aymeric Caron. This Monday, November 21, Caron was present in the program “Quotidien” on TMC, in order to explain the reasons for his proposal to ban this “ tradition that continues in some regions “, as presented by Yann Barthes, addressing him. “ There is a real chance that this text will be adoptednoted Aymeric Caron, because when we discuss with parliamentarians, there are many who are tempted to vote for this text. From all parties. It is a transpartisan text, that is why I proposed it. »

“The argument of tradition does not hold to defend what is only a business, on the one hand, and a killing machine on the other. »

Yann Moix

A position that Yann Moix therefore rallied in his column on Europe 1, early in the morning: “ It pains me to admit it – I stutter – but to recognize that Éric (sic) Caron is right, it hurts me a lot, a lot, a lot (…) He is right on several points: the argument of tradition does not hold to defend what is only a business, on the one hand, and a killing machine on the other. I pass over the aberration that this one is authorized in Nîmes and not in Roubaix… »

And to conclude, addressing the presenter in the eyes, facing the camera: “The defenders of bullfighting are my personal enemies, Dimitri, that’s clear. I spit in their face. Unless they tear off a finger, cut a fingernail, or stick a knife in their thigh to find out what it does. “Very strong words, before cutting off his microphone with a smirk: “ I love the Southwest, too “.

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