The UN Security Council will hold a meeting on the situation in Karabakh on September 21

A meeting of the UN Security Council will be held on September 21 in connection with the escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ani Badalyan said on X (formerly Twitter).

“The meeting will take place on September 21. A clear condemnation and appropriate action are urgently required,” she wrote.

On September 19, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense announced the start of “anti-terrorist measures” in Nagorno-Karabakh to “restorate the constitutional order” of the republic. Yerevan called Baku’s actions “large-scale aggression.” Soon after, Armenia called on members of the UN Security Council and Russian peacekeepers to “take concrete and unambiguous steps to stop Azerbaijan’s aggression.” The French Foreign Ministry, in turn, demanded an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Kremlin said that Moscow sees the possibility of entering into peaceful negotiations to resolve the escalating conflict.

According to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the unrecognized NKR, Gegham Stepanyan, 27 residents became victims of shelling from Azerbaijan. Russian peacekeepers, in turn, evacuated residents of the most dangerous areas of Karabakh on September 19.

Also in the afternoon and evening of September 19, rallies were held in Yerevan near the Russian Emby and the Armenian government building. The protesters accused Moscow and Prime Minister Pashinyan of “betraying” Karabakh and called for intervention in the situation. The demonstrations were accompanied by clashes with the police.

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