the unexpected support of Sonia Mabrouk for the NUPES deputy in “PAF”

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Sonia Mabrouk speaks about Sandrine Rousseau in “PAF” on C8 Screenshot

VIDEO – The journalist spoke with Pascale de La Tour du Pin on C8 about the skirmishes she exchanges with politicians.

This Monday, September 11, a well-known face from Vincent Bolloré’s group is the guest of “PAF», the new media show from C8. Sonia Mabrouk answers questions from Pascale de La Tour du Pin surrounded by Isabelle Morini-Bosc and Damien Canivez (journalist at Le Figaro, Editor’s note). The journalist can boast of some memorable battles during her career. By the example of her exchange with Élise Lucet last March in “Quelle époque”, but also facing political figures in his own shows on Europe 1 and CNews.

“I have always thought that irreverence, because it requires a little pugnacity, goes very well with courtesy”estimates Sonia Mabrouk before specifying: “I have never understood why when you ask the meanest question, in the very harsh sense, you should also add a black look or a tense look. I think that with the most beautiful smile, the question is even sharper”.

We should listen to Sandrine Rousseau at length to better combat her with the weapons of political debate

Sonia Mabrouk in “PAF”

One of her regular interlocutors is Sandrine Rousseau. And with MP NUPES, agreement is rarely found. However, Sonia Mabrouk admits it: “She has the courage to go to the end, sometimes it’s an extreme that I don’t subscribe to at all, but I like people who go to the end of their ideas and she is one of them”. The journalist ures him, “we have maintained a sort of fraternal relationship and it goes well in interviews”.

When Pascale de la Tour du Pin’s team questions her about the politician’s regular outings which create the buzz, here again Sonia Mabrouck provides a nuanced statement. “I had long interviews with her and on the contrary, I will surprise you, but I found that there was more interest in listening to her in the long term and therefore having less ease in listening to her. “there is an enormity, which is also what we sometimes seek to create a buzz”.

The ideological opposition displayed between the two women is still evident in her declarations: “I think on the contrary that we should listen to it at length for the better, I say it and that is not my role, to fight it with the weapons of political debate”. “She has built her career quite cleverly on a form of permanent provocation. It has its limits and I think she is intelligent enough to understand the limits of this system.”she adds.

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