The United States announced a new $425 million aid package to Ukraine

The United States allocated a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of 425 million dollars. This is stated in the message of the US Ministry of Defense.

The Pentagon will use the presidential powers to seize weapons to send weapons to Kyiv from the agency’s stockpiles worth up to 125 million dollars. Also, the package includes up to 300 million dollars from the funds of the Initiative for the istance of the Security of Ukraine (USAI) to strengthen the anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine in the long-term perspective.

The aid package will include shells for NASAMS and HIMARS, 155 mm and 105 mm artillery shells, Javelin anti-tank complexes, more than 3 million cartridges and grenades, 12 trucks for transporting heavy equipment, and more. Also, Ukraine will receive means with laser guidance to counter drones.

“The US President’s Administration continues to call on Congress to fulfill its obligations to the people of Ukraine by providing additional funding to ensure that Ukraine has everything it needs to defend against Russian aggression. <...> istance in the security of Ukraine is a wise investment in our national security. This helps prevent a major conflict in the region and deters potential aggression elsewhere, while strengthening our defense-industrial base and creating highly skilled jobs for the American people,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

On November 2, the House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted the plan of Republicans to provide aid to Israel in the amount of 14.3 billion dollars in the fight against Hamas without mentioning Ukraine. This happened despite the insistence of Democrats in the Senate that this bill has no future, and the White House’s promise to veto it.

Earlier, Biden asked Congress to approve a larger package of emergency spending in the amount of 106 billion dollars, which includes financing for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine, as well as humanitarian aid.

It is expected that the plan of the Republicans to provide aid to Israel, adopted on Thursday by the House of Representatives, will face opposition in the Senate, where the Democrats demand that in one package they also allocate funds for the support of Ukraine and Taiwan.

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