The United States announced a new package of military istance to Ukraine

The United States announced a new tranche of military istance to Ukraine in the amount of $150 million. The package includes air defense systems, artillery and anti-tank weapons. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated this.

“This package provides Ukraine with $150 million worth of weapons and equipment authorized under previously directed reductions,” the statement said.

On October 20, Biden asked Congress for additional funding, including military istance to Israel and Ukraine. The total amount of the request exceeds $106 billion. Additional istance to Israel is aimed at ensuring the combat capability of its Iron Dome air defense system and the development of the Iron Beam system, supporting “efforts to secure the release of hostages,” as well as providing humanitarian istance to civilians in Israel and Gaza. injured as a result of hostilities. istance to Ukraine includes critical equipment and weapons, as well as personnel training.

On October 26, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the number of Republicans in the House of Representatives who oppose funding to Ukraine is growing. In particular, a group of Republicans in the US Senate presented a separate bill that would allocate billions of dollars to help Israel, but not Ukraine.

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