the unusual story of Jean-Luc Lemoine’s first TV

the unusual story of Jean-Luc Lemoine’s first TV

Host of “Samedi d’en rire, la daily” from Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m. on France 3, the comedian remembers that his first experience on the small screen did not go as planned.

From “We tried everything” on France 2 to “Don’t touch my post! » on C8 via « We are not in bed » and « Les Grosses têtes », Jean-Luc Lemoine divides its activity between the stage and the TV for more than 20 years. In addition to his services as a columnist, the 53-year-old comedian has several times been at the head of his own shows such as “The habit does not do Lemoine” in 2009 then “The complaints office” in 2010 and 2011 on France 2. , the game “Guess my age” on C8 and, currently, “Laughing Saturday” on France 3.

If he first appeared in the eyes of viewers on the talk show “We tried everything” in 2001, his real TV debut should have come a few years earlier. “My parents had a hard time imagining their son doing TV one day”says Jean-Luc Lemoine in an interview with the magazine Closer. In the early 90s, while performing on stage in a trio called Les Cauchemars, he rejected the indecent proposal of a producer who promised him quick exposure on the small screen in exchange for a night with him. “I did not give in to his advances and my media coverage was delayed for ten years. And without sleepinghe says with amu*****t.

False start with Laurent Ruquier

His first filming took place during the summer of 1995 alongside Laurent Ruquier for a broadcast scheduled for Monday September 4 in access prime time on TF1. “On Sunday, I proudly announce to my parents that I will be playing the new program “Les Niouzes” at 7 p.m.he recalls. But the same day, TF1 deprograms to stream the series instead Baywatch. My parents did not understand anything. What was their son doing on a beach? »

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