The very first Christmas TV movie with a sex scene broadcast on the American channel Lifetime

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A Cowboy Christmas Romance broadcast on the American channel Lifetime. Lifetime

The temperature will rise a notch this winter with a major first in the well-established genre of end-of-year fiction.

Hot chestnuts! The American channel Lifetime has decided to revolutionize the genre of Christmas TV films by warming hearts, but not only that… On December 9, it will be broadcast A Cowboy Christmas Romance.

Jana Kramer (The Scott brothers) plays the main role, that of a real estate agent who reluctantly returns to her hometown in Arizona in order to convince the manager of a ranch, in the guise of Adam Senn, to give her his land. Obviously, they start by hating each other before becoming attracted to each other. The tension between the two protagonists will reach its climax “in the hay”according to the actress.

“It’s the first ever Christmas movie with a sex scene” she said in her podcast Whine Down . “Obviously, it remains a Lifetime program, therefore family, but we are still pushing the limits here”specifies Jana Kramer.

There is an audience that is hungry for romances that are a little more adult

Tia Maggini at Variety

The TV movie is written by Sarah Drew, who viewers already know from the series Grey’s Anatomy . She played April Kepner, a trauma surgery specialist. “I wrote that intentionally,” says the director, guest for the occasion on Jana Kramer’s podcast.

The channel did not censor its editing and with this audacity erts a desire to offer something new to its viewers. “We feel like there’s an audience that’s hungry for romance that’s a little more adult and we’re excited to add a little more sweetness to the usual holiday spices.”declared Tia Maggini, the vice-president of Lifetime to our colleagues at Variety . For the moment, the date of a possible broadcast in France is not known.

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