“the very high expectations” of local elected officials

Since he began his campaign for the senatorial elections on September 24, the socialist mayor of Orsay (Essonne), David Ros, has met ” a thousand “ major voters out of the 2,600 in Essonne: municipal councilors above all, but also elected officials from the departmental council (of which Mr. Ros is also a member), the regional council and local parliamentarians.

What strikes David Ros is “very strong expectation” local elected officials regarding this election. Because, he explains, it is now towards the senator that they turn to report their problems and their fears. From the ban on the accumulation of mandateswhich affects all parliamentarians, the Senate is better able to fully embody its role as “chamber of local authorities”. “There was a shift”, notes David Ros. During the July riots, “no MP has made a phone call to the mayors”he is surprised. “It’s not their culturehe analyzes. They don’t do constituency work. »

The senator is “the last elected local parliamentarian”, agrees Franck Louvrier, Les Républicains (LR) mayor of La Baule (Loire-Atlantique), also called to the polls on September 24. Since, according to him, the deputy is today “became a Parisian jurist who makes the law, but no longer has any relationship with his constituency”.

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Hence the keen interest in the renewal of half of the chamber in the thirty-eight metropolitan departments concerned. Mayor without label of Preux-au-Bois, a rural commune of 840 inhabitants in the North, David Beaumont will make his choice on a completely different criterion than partisan affiliation. “I will vote for the one who knows the terrainhe explains, who best understands our problems, who shows consideration for the rural world. »

“We are waiting for him to help us in this fight”

“This is an important electionexplains Edith Ruchon, mayor without label of Reventin-Vaugris (Isère), because senators are the relay for local authorities, particularly small municipalities. Metropolises know how to make themselves heard. » What will be ” determining “ in the vote of Mme Ruchon is the candidate’s position on the motorway interchange project which is to be built in his town. A project that “would macre” the commune, she warns.

Of the five senators from Isère, only one, the ecologist Guillaume Gontard, supports the municipality. “We are waiting for him to help us in this fight”indicates Edith Ruchon. “This is a problem that goes beyond our own municipalityshe notes. We just had the hottest summer ever. What are we doing ? Should we continue to build motorway interchanges, a project designed twenty years ago, in another world? » For the mayor of Reventin-Vaugris, the “25 million euros” concerned should be devoted to the reopening of the station.

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