The very uncertain “Act II” of the Nupes

The very uncertain “Act II” of the Nupes

Nupes deputies, including Rachel Kéké, Danielle Simonnet and Mathilde Panot (LFI), Cyrielle Chatelain (EELV), Boris Vallaud (PS) and André Chassaigne (PCF), at the National Assembly, February 6, 2023.

A “Act II” of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes): the word appeared at the end of the debates on the pension reform in the National Assembly, pronounced by the ecologists Cyrielle Chatelain and Sandrine Rousseau. Since then, everyone has taken it on the left. Even if the ways of building an alliance seem blocked for the moment. Indeed, it is not in the Senate or in the next senatorial elections that the coalition will be strengthened. Probably not more in the European Parliament.

At the Luxembourg Palace, left-wing senators did not like being called very much “Senators of the Nupes” in a press release from La France insoumise (LFI) dated February 20, in which they were called to “do everything to prevent the adoption of retirement at 64 in the Senate”. “This is what we lacked, for the pensions debate: LFI’s instructions to left-wing senators (in the Senate, we say left; old-fashioned)”, exclaimed then the socialist senator of Oise Laurence Rossignol. Since then, like many of her colleagues, she has assumed it: “The Nupes does not exist in the Senate, it is an electoral agreement linked to the 2022 legislative elections, we are not part of the agreement, even if we belong to the parties which negotiated it. It has no human reality, we were already working together, we continue. »

The leader of the Socialists in the Senate, Patrick Kanner, also marked his difference with the Nupes in the Assembly, Thursday, in front of the press: “If Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to call me to tell me how I should work in the Senate, it will be no. Each home “he said, promising a “real substantive debate” and judging that the coalition of the left had reached its limits during the debates on the reform.

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Bompard sets its conditions

Given the balances of the electors in anticipation of the senatorial elections in the fall, drawn from the municipal elections of 2020, the absence of the Nupes in the Senate is set to last. LFI, which has little local presence, hopes at most to succeed in obtaining a seat, perhaps in Seine-Saint-Denis, through negotiations with its partners, who for the moment remain extremely skeptical about the possibility of making room for ” rebellious”.

As for the Europeansdespite calls from the troops of Mr. Mélenchon – the latest: MEP Manon Aubry pleads for a “intergroup at European level” and for the organization of “thematic debates looking at what sets us apart, what brings us together, the things that have changed since 2019 or can change” –, the prospects of union are slim. The leadership of the Socialist Party (PS) considers that a common list is “absolutely impossible at this stage”, while at Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), the national secretary, Marine Tondelier, has already ruled against. Among the Communists, the congress is not over, which still leaves some hopes to “rebellious” for a list “radical left” in the European Parliament if a list of four were to fail.

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