the vice-president of the department tried in criminal court after his comments on “thugs” who “perhaps should be killed”

His apologies and his act of contrition on his Facebook page will not have saved him from a trial. After declaring, on April 24, that he “Maybe we should kill” young delinquents in Mayotte who regularly confront the police, Salime Mdéré will be tried in criminal court for “incitement to hatred because of their origin” and for “provocation to commit crimes against life”.

His intervention in the Mayotte television news, La Première, on the evening of the launch of Operation “Wuambushu” – of the fight against illegal immigration, gang crime and unsanitary housing – was widely shared on social networks. The remarks of the first vice-president of the departmental council of Mayotte sparked an outcry within the left-wing parties and at Renaissance.

Invited to comment on Wuambushu’s early failures (the closure of the Comoros borders, the destruction of a shanty town canceled by the courts, the violence in neighborhoods), the Mahorais elected official launched live: “Kids you see from afar aren’t even kids. I also refuse to use these terms, young people or kids, these delinquents, these thugs, these terrorists. At some point, you may have to kill some. I weigh my words. Perhaps we need to kill some to…” Before being interrupted by the journalist: “I can’t let you say that on public television. »

“An arsonist”

The next day, Salime Mdéré tried to justify himself, explaining that he had “just wanted to alert you to the need for stronger measures to create the conditions for the success of [l’opération] Wuambushu ». “My words – which are at the height of my pion for this island – went beyond my thoughts and I readily apologize if they may have offended”, he wrote on his Facebook page. While specifying to be “ very attached to respect for the rule of law”and not wish “let expeditious justice be put in place, which would lead Mayotte into chaos”.

Faced with the violence of these remarks, the Mayotte prosecutor, Yann Le Bris, opened a preliminary investigation by asking to withdraw from the procedure for questions “impartiality”. The departmental council and the Mamoudzou public prosecutor’s office collaborate almost daily within the framework of legal measures for social istance for children.

Disoriented in Saint-Denis de La Réunion, the criminal investigation was concluded on Friday November 29 with the criminal summons of Salime Mdéré, who will be judged on November 1er February 2024. The Saint-Denis prosecutor, Véronique Denizot, decided to take into account against the elected official the aggravating circumstance of being a “ person entrusted with a public service mission”.

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