“The Voice” on TF1: three semi-finalists at Bigflo and Oli, only one in Zazie’s team

Only eight of the sixteen candidates had a chance of obtaining a ticket for the semi-final. Tears flowed after the “super cross battles” of “The Voice” broadcast this Saturday, May 20 on TF1. To decide between the talents before the first direct, a fifth coach has made a comeback. Mika, impeccable costume and smile on his face, came to put his two cents in the vote. His voice counted for 10% in the final score, with the public keeping control of 90% of the result.

For request of Nikos, Amel Bent gets the ball rolling and challenges Bigflo and Oli. The first bets on David Dax and his “concrete vocal organ”, which interprets “Live for the best”, by Johnny Hallyday. The latter retaliate with Fanchon, their 16-year-old “bulldozer”, who launches into a nice cover of “Et Bam”, that Vianney had composed for Mentissa, finalist in 2021. Well done! The young girl qualifies with almost 75% of the votes.

“Get ready, because I believe your life is going to change”

It’s Zazie’s turn to send her UFO duo, Prichia, beat box expert, and Mea. Their interpretation of the “Best Enemies” is no match for “Eyes de la mama”, hit by Kendji Girac, which brings luck to Kiona, to the delight of her coach, Vianney. Player, this one immediately returns the ball in the camp of Zazie, which he challenges for the return match. At the announcement of the candidates who will compete, Amel Bent warns Mika: these are two monsters who will go on stage.

The first, Lummen Nae, sings “Set fire to the rain”, by Adèle. “You tore, my guy”, congratulates Vianney. Aurélien, on the other hand, lets loose on “Caruso”, an incredible performance that leaves Mika speechless. “Get ready because I believe your life will change,” he says before voting for him. The fifth coach thought it was useless, he was wrong: his voice tipped the result and sent the storekeeper to the semi-finals.

Vianney barely has time to recover from this defeat that he has to bounce back. To Benaël, who mourns the elimination of his buddy, he slips: “We had a big sorrow you and me. We’re going to put it aside and we’re going to make people happy.” For his part, Oli encourages Dame: “I want you to be a giant who bends down to pick up a flower”. The contestant sits down, takes out his guitar… But there’s a big bug: “La Bonne étoile”, by M, doesn’t want to come out. The coaches have cold sweats. The butcher recovers and delivers a great performance. “You’re a poet in spite of yourself”, judges Oli when the music stops. Despite his caustic “I will go where you will go”, Benaël leaves the adventure.

“They underestimated us, the old ones”

A duel of divas then opposes Marilyne Naaman, in Zazie’s team, to Hanna, protected by Big Flo and Oli. Climbed on the piano, the first performer “To die on stage”, by Dalida. The Lebanese seizes the song, of which she translates a verse into Arabic. This suspended moment seduced Mika, but not the public, who preferred Hanna’s moving performance on “I wanted to tell you that I’m waiting for you”, by Michel Jonasz. The young woman cannot believe it, goes from tears to laughter, overwhelmed by emotion. “They underestimated us, the old ones”, joke the Toulouse brothers, who chain the victories.

It would have been faultless for the siblings if Nochka had resisted Micha, a protege of Amel Bent. The coach can also rejoice in Arslane’s victory. “Often, it’s where there is the greatest despair, the greatest loneliness, that the greatest hits are born,” she promises him, holding back tears. “I don’t like this end of the evening,” complains Zazie, who ends up facing Vianney. She sends Robin to sing “Marguerite”, by Richard Cocciante; he offers Jeremy Polnareff’s “Marylou”. She advises: “Forget the cameras”. He encourages: “Keep it under your feet”. For Mika, both talents have professional voices. The public chooses Jérémy.

Among the participants, the pressure is mounting. Next week, the eight semi-finalists – one at Zazie, three in the team of Big Flo and Oli, while Amel Bent and Vianney keep two each – will compete live.

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