“The Voice”: the “Dark Vianney” is revealed, Amel Bent finds a former comrade

“The Voice”: the “Dark Vianney” is revealed, Amel Bent finds a former comrade

The competition rages on in “The Voice”. Forgotten the cordiality of previous seasons, the telecrochet coaches of TF 1 have decided to have a hard time this year. As a result, at the start of this third round of blind auditions this Saturday, only Vianney had not used his “Super Block”, making it possible to return another coach’s chair again and thus prevent the candidate on stage to choose it.

But this little bonus, the 32-year-old artist did not keep it very long. Faced with an interpretation of “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé by Nayo, a 28-year-old singer from Nice who won over all the judges, Vianney chose to eliminate Zazie. “It’s Dark Vianney!” Bigflo was surprised, unaccustomed to seeing his usually very good colleague teasing the other coaches. But if he excluded Zazie from the competition, the thirties was finally overtaken by Amel Bent, recovering the candidate in his team.

The touching message of a candidate

The former candidate of “New Star” also had a funny surprise when she discovered Charles, the father of a sick child who is deaf, mute, visually impaired and has difficulty moving. If his touching cover of “Make me a place” by Julien Clerc, accompanied by his wife in sign language, did not rotate the seats, his message touched the heart. Even more with a small additional dedication to Amel Bent since in 2002, Charles was one of the candidates for “New Star” on M 6, at the same time as the coach! “But wait, we were 17… We’re old!” “, she amused.

And from smiles to anger, the evening was hectic for the interpreter of “My philosophy”. Lummen Nae’s performance on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” created tension with Vianney. Forcing fate a little, the latter recovered the young man in his purse. “That’s not good what you did…, railed her rival, trying by all means to affirm that her comrade had gone too quickly. I have the seum ! But I will have an opportunity to steal it from you at one time or another, it has already happened! “And there is no doubt that she will be able to take revenge since all the “Super Blocks” having been used, the production has decided to offer a second to each juror. Something to spice up the next few weeks.

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